Ponyboy training!  

We have a great training program for ponyboys. Here you can have a look at what a Mistress does to train a naked ponyslave well.

Mistress Selena is our hot new Mistress this week!!  

MIstress Selena hold her sessions private and rarely shows what she does in a video. She made one exeption. For DOMA! Have a look ath this beautiful Mistress and how she treats and beats a sub in her home studio. We are sure the sub will remember this session for a very long time. 

Slave abuse movie  

We added an asian slave abuse movie. The slave is used as ashtray. HIs ass is fingerfucked, he is totally humiliated by the Beautifull mistress. 55 minuts movie!

New Slave Bootcamp video  

We just published a new slave training video. Great video about a secret location in the swedish mountains, and slaves beeing trained there, Check out our latest. DOMA. BDSM.