Serious caning!

26:08 minutesCaning
Serious caning! 1
Serious caning! 2
Serious caning! 3
Serious caning! 4

This ass is caned. Seriously caned! You can watch this close up, first rank! The slave brought his own cames but the Mistress surprised him with a few of her own. Ball caning and ass caning. Doma makes it exciting to live!


46:09 minutesBall busting
Ballcrushers 1
Ballcrushers 2
Ballcrushers 3
Ballcrushers 4

Complete video about ball crushing, ball kicking and ball busting. Mistresses who do painfull stuff with slave balls and -cock, just to show the who is the domina and who is the sub. Guaranteed ballpain after watching this movie!

Ballwhipping Mistress 1
Ballwhipping Mistress 2
Ballwhipping Mistress 3
Ballwhipping Mistress 4

Mistress Ann Whips ass. This time the balls from this submissive and extreme painloving guy. He gets the tiny painwhip, the bullwhip, asswhip and ballwhip. While beeing tied to a steel spiderweb rack. Get this! You will love it.